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Case Example
Client Success Story-Egg Tray Machine in Africa
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Update time : 2021-11-19
Client Success Story of Egg Tray Machine in Africa
This customer is located in East Africa, it was founded to be the premier manufacturers of Corrugated Carton Packaging materials and Egg trays in East Africa.
Client Success Story of Egg Tray Machine
They had an egg tray production line before, and used the waste of carton to produce egg tray, but the egg tray machine and egg tray mold quality are soon become poor after a period of use, and they found and buy a new line from us.
We overcome all difficulities to send engineers for installation at the beiginning of 2020, when the covid 19 was just break out, and finally this production line was get into production in the middle of 2020 successfully.

Like this customer said when she visited our factory “wow, compare to your machine, ours is nothing” , HGHY was always trying best to support our customers, not only good quality product but also service .

Thanks to the dedicated sales and engineering team, HGHY has helped more than 300 clients in over 50 countries setting up their plants with leading capacity and superior quality production, and have been rewarded with abundant know-how and expertise, which ensuring higher level of service on helping our customers to gain greater success. Our experience of working with Industry leaders like fortune 500 companies will get you value and peace of mind deliveries.

egg tray making machine
Egg Carton Machine from Client Factory

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